A Look at the Original Structure

The original structure was built sometime in the late summer or fall by a friend of an old tenant.  All I know is that he never finished it, originally planning on living in it in through the winter but after hurting his ankle, he was unable to work on the project anymore and moved in with his girlfriend.  This might not even be true.  I don’t know. Anyway, it is abandoned and available, so I am not taking over someone else’s space.

So this is a side view above there.  As you can see, it is a sloping roof.  The roof is completely waterproof using some sort of wavy plastic board that is used for roofing or perhaps not used for roofing at all.  It is extremely stable, using standing trees as supplementary support. Latter included! The roof is covered strategically placed branches.  I am pretty sure this is for camouflage.  The shorter end faces towards the house on the property.  In the winter the structure may almost be visible with less trees so the branches on the roof could cover it up pretty well.

So, the structure is completely situated off the ground which is great and what is necessary (no sinking, water entering through the floor, etc.). Look at the roofing material there!  I would want to reinforce the floor in the place where I would put the stove so that it doesn’t collapse under the weight.  If I buy a stove, it will be around 120 pounds/54 kilos.  This will be does with concrete blocks most likely or stones.

Here is the interior.  Those wood pallets are regular sized pallets and would perfectly fit a twin bed.  I would insulate the floor with rugs and inside the pallets to reduce airflow under my bed therefore reducing cold and keeping my and Diesel’s bodies warmer at night. You can see a window in the corner.  On the other side of the inside, there is any other window as well as a door. Door and stove will be on the wall that does not yet exist.  As you can see, the structure is drafty…what with no wall on one side and cracks between the boards.  This will all be changed soon.

Better view of roof.  White under branches is the plastic wavy board. Blanket there for draft control I guess. Again, another view of how the trees already standing at acting upon this structure in some way.

First thing to work on is covering the cracks in the existing walls with wooden “band-aids”.  Once there is a solid exterior wall, I can begin slip straw.

Example of Slip straw without exterior wall or finish